Rechelle pretends she has legs

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Rechelle never really got over loosing her legs. After all, she looked incredible in high heels with her long dark legs poking out of her mini skirts but that was then and this is now. Rechelle finds a way to remind herself what she looked like with legs the problem is they aren’t real, she cant use them and instead of looking like an able bodies woman, she more like a paraplegic with flaccid useless legs that just hang. Off the bed, to the stairs for some pretend leg manipulation before returning to her apartment and the floor to drag herself and those fake legs to the sofa for some personal private time with what remains of her real legs.

Enjoy watching some Sensual Para Yoga and Leg Play

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Iris invites you to privately visit her in her quiet moments. Just you, Iris and the camera as she performs some of the incredible leg yoga she performs daily to keep her legs free from spasm and tension. It’s not too long until she forgets herself and her foot slips to her mouth and her toes gently glide across her lips and tongue. Watch her leg and thigh as she lifts her useless leg over her head and rests the foot behind her neck! The sensuality of the moment overcomes her and soon you’ll discover she had a very unique use for those paralyzed feet. You’ll soon see why she enjoyed making this movie so very much.

approx. 20 min

Tamara is Displaying her polio crippled legs

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Tamara 013

Tamara is a woman who looks as good struggling on the floor as she does struggling walk walk with crutches. Lying on her stomach dragging herself across the floor with that low cut top on and those incredible breast… WOW!!! And when she gets those boots on and flops her legs around on the sofa, We’re talking sure sensuality.

Samantha’s Polio Perfection

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Samantha’s doctor chose to fuse one knee instead of having her use leg braces so they fused the strong leg. The weak leg remains more floppy and uncontrolled so together they are incredibly wonderful. When she’s in a swim suit and you can watch her hips from behind, those legs and her butt scream to be squeezed and played with. She’s so busty that when she drags on the floor you can hear her breast hit the tile as she drags herself across the floor. Oh yeah, she’s a favorite.[/color]

6 movies have been released in 2 weeks!

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Three Great New Movies Now Available!

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Sorry, we’ve been away but now we’re back at it.
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