Delightful Donna and Beautiful Braces

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donna braces


Steel and leather. Beauty and paralysis all wrapped into a delightful package.
Donna shares the day with us exploring her polio ravaged legs, feet
and the steel and leather that allows her partial use of them.
Theres nothing more attractive than watching a polio crippled woman preparing herself for the day and before the leather and
steel are strapped to those incredible motionless legs, she had much to prepare and today Donna allows you
access to her daily ritual. Complete with a trip to the shower and multiple outfit changes, Donna is incredibly, a polio goddess.



Few may remember Gloria. Gloria is a sexy woman paralyzed from the chest down who dabbled in
making a video but never wanted to show her face. The results were all kinds of video clips of her sexy
crippled legs and useless paralyzed feet.  Gloria passed away and this is all video that remains of this incredible woman.

Explore Penny’s Paralysis

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Its still less than a year since Penny was released from Rehab.
She is still learning to manipulate her legs by hand rather than them moving of their own will.
Transfers are improving but she’s still challenged by obstacles and dressing or putting shoes on
in her wheelchair is still a fight with her paralyzed legs.

We find her resting on the bed and she takes a moment for us to admire her useless feet and leg
so pretty and motionless. Then we’ll ask that she transfer to her wheelchair while we watch and
then, for an added treat, we ask for Penny to manipulate her legs and feet while they remain on
the bed. A treatment of lotion on those pretty feet would be a welcome site too.

Since leaving rehab Penny has mastered many challenges but we surprised her when we asked
of her to transfer to the floor and find a way to drag herself to the stairs. She hadnt been schooled
in pulling herself on the floor so quickly, Penny taught herself a way to drag her lifeless legs to the

Soon she’d have to learn another paraplegic skill and that is to pull herself up the stairs, one by
one, carefully positioning each foot an leg on a stair before lifting her torso off the stair to the next.
You can see the difficulty in her face and the frustration she feels knowing that not long ago, her legs
walked up stairs without thought and yet today, she must explore her paralysis and her new reality.

Rechelles leg stump intimacy

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Rechelle is still struggling with a sensitive stump so remains on her short crutches
but that doesn’t stop her from giving those precious stumps some love and attention.

She crutches her way into the apartment and onto the sofa where she intimately touches
the contours of the remains of her legs. She inspects the creases in the flesh and fingers
each surgical scar with seductive tenderness. Then its time to walk to the bedroom.

Step by step, she hobbles on the remains of her leg to the bedroom where she lifts herself
onto the bed to delicately love the remains of what were once long and beautiful legs and
now are soft, contoured remnants of days gone by.

Classic Chairem Movies – Movies from the Chairem Vault.

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Enjoy the  opportunity to own rare Chairem movies that are no longer available on our website.
The Classic Movies will change often and be returned to the Chairem Vault so don’t miss out.

You’ll Find Chairem Classic Movies here:

Valentine; A Short Leg on Short Crutches

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When Valentine returns to her apartment after a long walk, Valentine relaxes in the cool of the air
conditioning on the sofa. When she stand and attempts to hop to the kitchen, she is struck
with a fierce pain in her short leg that drops her to the floor in agony.

Feeling unable to hop, Valentine pulls herself to the sofa to try to comfort the short leg then pulls
herself to the fridge for an ice pack. Valentine doesnt feel stable enough to walk on her crutches in
case the fierce pain returns. She drags herself to the bedroom to collect a pair of short crutches she has stored away.

Now she much find a way to struggle to walk on her long leg on crutches fit for a child.
If the pain returns she’ll be able to quickly drop herself to the floor from the lower height but in the mean time,
we can enjoy watching how she struggles to walk with a short leg on short crutches.

Primavara and Luna Together, A Perfect Para Friends

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When two pretty Latin lovely Paraplegic friends get together, it’s hard to tell what may happen.
Primavara readies herself for a visit from Luna and if that idea doesnt sound provocative, well think of this.

Luna arrives and Primavara is waiting for her in the hallway. They wheel together into the apartment
where things quickly escalate and get a little more intimate. We asked the two paraplegic friends to
manipulate and fondle each others legs and feet and thats exactly what happens behind close doors.

Luna invites Primavara to pick up her legs and remove her shoes and her socks. With Luna’s feet in her lap.
Primavara investigates Lunas unique feet and paints her nails. Then its time for Luna to complement Primavara
in return. With her feet raised into Luna’s lap, Primavara enjoys watching as Luna freshens the paint on her nails
before Luna gently enjoys the feeling and contours of Primavaras feet and toes.

Then its time to investigate the loss of sensation in each others feet, touching and manipulating the feet and toes
of each other before helping each other put nylons on their paralyzed legs. Finally they compare how each of them
transfer from their wheelchairs to the sofa where together they enjoy a moment and laughter before each of them
transfer back into their wheelchairs in their own very unique ways.

The Stalking Of Primavara – a full length Feature Movie!

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Primavara’s incredible beauty is beyond imagine as she portrays herself taunted and stalked by a sinister admirer.

Primavara’s shaving in the bedroom when her peaceful afternoon is shattered by a phone call. The voice identifies
himself only as a person in her apartment who is fascinated by her incredible beauty. Soon he speaks of his attraction
to her paralysis and more troubling, how he has been watching her, both from affair and though her window.

Troubled by the caller, Primavara dismisses the call and returns to her bedroom with a glass of wine to calm her nerves.
The silence is broken by a knock at the door. When she arrives no one is there and she explores the hallway, passing a
stranger along the way.

Possibly made uneasy by the going on, Primavara returns to her room and finishes her wine before falling into a
deep slumber. The caller has waited for this time and makes his way back into her apartment to find her, unconscious
on the floor. He takes this moment to be close, to touch and manipulate the legs and feet of his crippled desire.

Before she wakes, he steals her wheelchair and leaves an envelope for her detailing his demands. Primavara must
struggle to pull herself though her apartment to the door for help, where she finds the envelope.

Primavara follows the demands with utmost care, posing and positioning herself in many angles, on the floor, sofa
and wheelchair, wearing nylons and shoes and barefoot, all to complete the demands for multiple pictures of her
crippled feet. All to fulfill the demands of the mysterious admirer who stalks the halls enjoying the beauty of paralyzed
and disabled women who live in the apartment.
Huge file, over 78 minutes.
This Feature Length Movie contains scenes that will not be available in the upcoming
4 part series of the same title.


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