Cindi Lu, Just for you

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My oh my, how Cindi Lu knows how to turn up the heat.  Starting in her Hot red boots, Cindi Lu transfers onto the bed where the action all begins.
Fighting against the spasms in her legs she pulls herself onto the bed where she looses the boots and performs incredible paraplegic gymnastics
on the bed to delight. She rolls over and pulls herself on the bed, then manages to struggle to lift herself up onto her knees only to raise up and
show off that incredible bust line. Then she slips off those black nylons and gets acquainted with her legs and brings her paralyzed foot up for
some intimate oral attention. Then its down to the floor where she drags herself about the room and then to the sofa where she struggles to
get herself off the floor before total exhaustion. We cant leave her sitting there now can we? Its back to the floor to pull herself over to the stairs
to see if she can master getting up them before returning to her chair. After finding her way back onto the bed, Cindi Lu invites her cameraman
to come over and manipulate her legs for her to ease the spasms and reward him for a job well done. *(Watch for an extra mini clip after the movie,
just a little treat from Cindi Lu).

Penny in the Sunshine

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penny in the sunshine

Its a bright and sunny day, perfect for introducing you to Penny, a 21 year old Paraplegic who’s less then 3 months out of rehab.
While she’s getting acquainted with her new life with paralyzed legs and no feeling below her belly button,
Penny is still finding doing some things difficult. She still needs to build her upper body strength.
Today we ask her to transfer out of her hand controlled truck and into her wheelchair. SPASMS YOU SAY,
you want to see beautiful spasming feet and legs? Well Penny has the most wonderful little feet that dance
and jolt around uncontrolled at the most inopportune times. After she gets her legs under control, she puts
on the shoes that got tangled when she got into her wheelchair.
Then its off to the quiet garden where she rolls with a struggle into the deep grass to a bench to transfer and relax,
put her legs up and dedicate some attention to them and to her feet.
Afterwards, its time to get into her chair, push through the grass to the sidewalk and of course some
more wonderful close ups of those sweet spasming feet.


Danni’s Secret Midnight Meeting

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danni2Danni’s Secret Midnight Meeting
Its clear and there’s no one else around but you and Danni.

We’ve told her we want her to show her legs and feet and to pick
them up and flop them around as much as she can and she agrees.
In the parking lot Danni transfers her wheelchair out of the car and
assembles it. She peels off her nylons and shoes to show off those
wonderful cripple limbs.
Her transfers, the lifeless motion of her legs
is all caught on video before we point out the stairs and request her
to go there. At the bottom of the stairs, Danni lifts her body and useless
legs to the floor and inch by inch, stair by stair she pulls her lifeless legs
up the stair case, one at a time, flopping and dragging as she make her way.
We call her to come back down. Each leg is tangles repeatedly as she lifts her
weight and lowers her body down the staircase. At the base of the staircase,
her legs lay tangled in a dormant heap as she prepares to get back into her wheelchair.

Ellen’s Paraplegic Challenge

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ellen challenge

First we ask her to drag her wheelchair out of the car without any help just to enjoy that struggle.
Then we ask her to put on her shoes when she’s in her wheelchair to enjoy watching her manipulate her legs.
We escort her to the stairs and make Ellen take her shoes and socks off so we can see those sweet little feet
that hang so uselessly. And then give her directions to drag her paralyzed legs up and down the staircase
so we can film her struggling with each and every step. There’s nothing like watching the struggles of a
Paraplegic when she’s out of her wheelchair.

At Last… CINDI-LU’s First Movie!

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cindiCindi Lu wonders down the sidewalk to her car with you in tow. She’s ready to learn all about the incredible fascination with paralysis and useless legs that Admirers enjoy so much and its your opportunity to let her know what it is is.
Cindi Lu comes to her car and lifts herself in behind the wheel in a sexy pair of sporty long thigh high boots before pulling in her wheelchair. Thats when she remembers where her keys are… in the back window. I think her Devotee cameraman boyfriend has played a little trick on her and we get to enjoy the benefits.
With her boots slipped off Cindi Lu tickles her foot so you can see her toes go into spasm before struggling to retried her keys. Then she makes her way back into the seat before unloading her wheelchair again. A transfer back into her chair and Cindi Lu rolls around for you with her legs crossed. The way her paralyzed leg swings and that wonderful foot flops around you’ll be enjoying this video over and over again.

Meet Crippled Kathy

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crippled kathy

Kathy refers to herself as crippled in her emails to us so we feel its acceptable and that’s
the name she chose for herself.
This sweet polio paraplegic has scoliosis that twists her body, paralyzed legs that aren’t strong enough to
carry her weight even with braces and the pinkest soles on the bottom of those delightful floppy feet.

Kathy greets you on the sofa where she slide her twisted body and lifeless legs to an awaiting wheelchair.
Once there, she shifts her weight from side to side to pull off her pants to share with you a delightful look at those wonderful
legs before hoisting her legs back onto the sofa to anoint them with lotion.  Then its time to go into the bright sunshine.

Kathy delicately lowers herself to the ground where she removes her socks and shoes and twists her legs allowing her to
sit cross legged. You’ll delight watching her move on the ground in this position before she hauls her crippled body back into her wheelchair.
What a wonderful first encounter with this ebony paraplegic princess.

Divines Farewell

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divine goodbye

We hope you’ll enjoy Divines final movie with Chairem INTERNATIONAL as she leaves the production of movies for Admirers.
As a special send off, we’ve included DIVINE PARKING LOT PARA PLAY for the next month, free of charge.
Divines Finally finds Divine in her car in the parking lot where she opens the door of her car and swings out her paralyzed legs.
Divine’s sexy black nylons hide her pretty toes until she removes them and transfers to her wheelchair. At the back of the car,
Divine puts on some sexy shoes before making her way up to the staircase. Once there, Divine pulls herself from her wheelchair
and drags herself up the stairs in a tangle of paralyzed legs and flopping feet.
At the top of the stairs Divine turns and returns down each stair, lifting and adjusting each leg until she arrives at the bottom
of the staircase. Nearly exhausted, Divine positions herself and lifts herself and her useless legs back into the wheelchair.
Total play time is nearly 40 minutes. Enjoy Divines farewell in this special double movie.


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